Saturday, June 25, 2011

Redemption is the bedrock of the future.

After all, we’ve all made mistakes in life. Some, more so than others.

Warrior’s halfback, Brett Seymour, could tell you a fair bit about making a hash of life’s opportunities. He could also expound on being given a second chance, and the need to make the most of it.

Not only that, but after the Auckland based franchise went out on a limb for him, securing a home for him in the NRL once again, he has done his utmost to make every post a winner.

Kicked out of both Brisbane and Cronulla for alcohol related offences, and after some time in the wilderness, Warrior’s management took the plunge – with the blessing of the NRL administration – and signed Seymour on.

It was a risk on their part, that’s for sure. There were conditions within the twenty-six year olds contract to prevent any of his now legendary after hour’s activities that led to such infamy.

One of those stipulations’ being that he was not to consume alcohol at any time.

By all accounts, he has been a model citizen ever since he arrived in Auckland.

Not a drop touched. Not an incident of ill-repute on his part.

He’s done well.

But, let’s not for a minute think there hasn’t been temptation waiting in the wings for the talented playmaker.

How could there not be?

Temptation has never been one to lie back and let an idle moment go by. It has always hid in the dark, lurking there with menacing intent, waiting for the opportune time to have its murky endeavours invited into an unsuspecting foes life.

It may be an enemy, but it desperately aspires to an up close and personal relationship with anyone and everyone.

And disguise itself as a friend, it does often, and very cleverly too.

The boy from Mackay, Queensland has had plenty of moments since his debut for the Warrior’s in March last year to rescind on his good ways and err into sin.

There have been injury enforced layoffs. Got injured during the first game of 2010 with a broken thumb, he did. He could have gone off the rails, right then.

It’ll be alright, that friend is somewhere near. Lock and load, have a beer.

Seymour didn’t though.

Instead he admirably restrained the urge to travel back in time. Forwards was all he had eyes for. The vista looked pretty darn good to him. What could be better than living the dream of playing professional football? Not much, it seems, as Seymour set about steering the Warrior’s around the park once his injury thumb had recovered.

And a fine job of it he did too.

By the end of the season it seemed that the stars had aligned for Seymour. All was well in his world. Warrior’s Coach, Ivan Cleary, had, at last, found a top flight halfback that the club had been desperately searching for since Stacey Jones left to ply his trade in England.

Seymour’s future in the city of sails appeared to be assured.

That is until early in the fourth week of this season when Cleary sent shock waves through his side by dumping numerous players, including Seymour, for poor form.

Again, he took it on the chin, kept a low profile and battled his way back. No sign of any recidivist behaviour from Seymour.

Hey, maybe he’s just matured. Perhaps time away from the rugby league hotbed that is Sydney has done him the world of good. And sure enough, there was the nuggety number seven forcing his way back into starting line-up a couple of rounds later.

Nothing could get this guy down. Temptation had been given ample chance to show Seymour a mighty fine time.

It was being halted at every turn.

And, then a double whammy struck him smack bang on the nose. First the coaching staff decided that Seymour was surplus to requirements for 2012. If that wasn’t enough to finally tip him over the edge, along came yet another injury and the past three weeks on the sideline.

Could nothing go his way?

Surely now he couldn’t turn down the pleasure of his old ways. So much fun to have, so many different ways to go about it. And yet the man keeps on disappointing those who fawn over gossip and innuendo.

He just will not give those poor souls a break. They must be miserable.

Not Seymour, though. Instead of wallowing in the realms of despair, here he is back in the side to play the Melbourne Storm tomorrow at Mt Smart.

Yep, he’s got himself well and truly sorted out.

Redemption is his to saviour.

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