Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Carney lights up New Year's celebrations

Former Canberra Raider, Todd Carney, is doing his utmost to torch his football career.
Having set fire to a friend’s pants causing burns to the buttocks,it seems he is intent on destroying the second chance that has been afforded to him by the Sydney City Roosters.
Having been deregistered by the NRL for the 2009 season, he was thrown a lifeline by the Roosters for this coming season. Yet despite this, he is already in the dog house.
Carney, bizarrely, has claimed that there was no malice intended in setting his friend’s pants alight. If this is what he does to a friend, one would hate to think what he may consider appropriate to do to an enemy. New Rooster’s coach, Brian Smith, may want to be careful about dropping Carney at any stage of the upcoming season as Carney may be tempted to set him on fire.
Having already been sacked by the Raiders, to most intelligent thinking people, it would appear imperative for Carney’s footballing future that he remains incident free. Common sense and Carney, however, do not seem to be mutual companions. This lack of grey matter may be the reason that he seems not to grasp that when already under intense scrutiny due to previous misdemeanours, another indiscretion could cost him his career; permanently
Bizarre then that he chooses to continue on with his wild ways, just as the Roosters have hired Brian Smith as head coach. Not only is Smith a top class coach but he is also a known disciplinarian. So, not one of Carney’s smartest thought processes, one would have thought. And the season is still two months away from starting. Just imagine the havoc he could create in that time. What a great way to make an impression on the coach, eh.
One suspects that Carney just does not get it. That he simply does not grasp the gravity of his situation. Having already been deregistered once by the NRL, one more serious incident and he could well be gone from the game long term. And with that a chance to set himself up financially for life after football. At the age of twenty-three he still has that opportunity. With his undoubted talent, he could march on along his footballing field of dreams and turn these into a mighty reality.And in turn, some serious coin if he can harness his tremendous potential. Match winning halfbacks are a rare breed indeed and every club desires one of them. Carney could be one of those rarities in today’s game; a true halfback, not a manufactured one as seems to be the modern trend these days.
Carney appears to be a footballer with far too much spare time on his hands. Someone that would benefit immensely from procuring a part-time job outside of his training and playing duties, to keep himself busy and out of harm’s way. Something that will teach him what the real world is about. Not the narrow view of life he so blatantly has currently. One where he imagines that he has carte blanche to run riot believing that because he is a star player, above the ways of the common people that do not have his footballing gifts, he can get away with anything he chooses.
As I mentioned earlier, Brian Smith is a noted disciplinarian. A serious type who surely would not approve of Carney’s immature ways. They appear to be two totally different personalities that are, more than likely, not on the same wave length. This means there is a strong possibility of coach and star player clashing; and sooner rather than later. Smith has already let Willie Mason go from the club. No doubt there will be more casualties over the next twelve months as Smith will want to stamp his mark on the club.
With this in mind, how long until Carney is shown the door?
With his penchant for bizarre acts of random madness, possibly not too long at all.

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