Friday, April 19, 2013

The Defender

A wicked wind in waiting, calmness nestled within sinister intentions, hiding in casings of maligment terror, ready to propose chilling consequences

Defensively menacing to the last, strong in the tackle, opposition all at sea leaving vistas of unchained calamities

Pain a friend, often a foe, never a stranger. Always to the bone, maybe a rattle to soon, no longer entrapped within summer's cocoon

A delicate mind hovering on the precipice, the tenets of desire elongated to breaking point, one breathe too many

Mayhem unearthed as the parasites of fear decay a foreboding mind, urgings of serene waters ignored, the fin of offense's head covered in coatings of blue

Floating endlessly against the tide, silently fearing an incoming wave, internal hope flickering, heaven's gatekeeper is but a dream

Halted in the tracks of attack the deadly assassin of despair hit upon a blackened mind, snaking its way into the benign, tumour hovering over a fading force

Searing heat tarnished a talented vista, scorching the script of the righteous, daring another invasion, it was not to be

Soreness prevailed, the ice of defeat vibrating through the veins of hope, releasing aches brought to a head, wounds singing a salty anthem

A fading hope, one man's dream, one team's dream, all for one, one for all, he tried, they tried, fate conspired

One man's dream, one team's dream, all for one, one for all, he tried, they tried, disposition's sunrise bloomed vividly for the chosen few

Only one was to be, there was no free key, defiance met turf's acquaintance, challenge the defender at your peril.