Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Never say never.

And never did Martina Hingis ever say never again. Ever the eternal love of a game that brought her a life time's worth of adoration, she's back and back to her winning ways.

It's only doubles, but Tennis is much the better for her presence. Thirty-three, one is retired an eternity. So, make the most of a radiant bent a world away from the humdrum of domesticality. Travel, seeing the sights of an effervescent world without the pressures of the singles tour to concern oneself with. As well, a tidy income to wash away the aching muscles of the practice court. And the thrill of competition and the roar of the crowd, the juices flooding the arteries of yesteryears glories, linking with the desire of a modern resume and reminding the adoring masses that there's still life in the old girl yet.

A combination struck up, such a lethal one at that, how could it miss. Martina Hingis and Sabine Lisicki, two opposites. Oh what potential. The power and brutality of the German and the finesse and court craft of the Swiss Miss. So different and yet a match made in the stars.

One, been there and done that, the other, the tyro with the talent to make it great. A German, a lady - Singles or doubles - with armoury so deadly that it should be banned. A serve that borders on the inhumane, bringing suffering and heartache to the chances of the chanceless.

Mixed with the Hingis court sense and tactical nous, they surely cannot go wrong. Already one title at the Sony open in Miami recently, an alliance to saviour, for sure. Chances abound for this mightiest of doubles champion's to add to her already impressive list of nine grand slam doubles crowns. And the first for the fraulein with the fearsome forehand.

For Lisicki, what better mentor could there be than Hingis? Having suffered from nerves on the biggest of stages in the past, the ideal opportunity lies in wait for her to tap into the vast knowledge of this Swiss Merchant of mayhem who has undoubtedly learnt the lessons of the big stage many a time.

Everyone wins. Hingis, doing what she loves the most. Lisicki, learning from a legend. And, of course, Tennis fans around the world who adore some variety in their tennis watching experience. That, you can't fail to attain in the presence of Hingis.

This is the way, the way to spend the day, the day to pay, to pay reverence to the Swiss Miss in all her legendry and eternal glory, gracing the grandest of games with her majestical gamut of gourmet Tennis.

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