Saturday, August 4, 2018

There have been over two thousand Test Matches played since the first official Test between England and Australia way back in 1877. Not just by those two, certo, but also the likes of South Africa, India, New Zealand and the West Indies. Not to mention various others. In that time there have been epics, there have been crushing defeats, tedious draws, some that have ended in only three days and some that have been decided on the last ball of day five. But in all those one hundred and forty-one years there has never been a Test held between England and Virat Kohli. Until now. The game has changed in all manner of ways, from leg side theory being banned, limits on bouncers per over to the size of bats. Yet, a Test between a Team and an individual? Who knew. Novel, certainly. First, the man with averages traversing the peaks of 48.88 to 58.21 over all three forms of the game scores 149 out of 274 in India’s opening efforts with the bat on day two at Edgbaston, then, in their second inning of 110 for five, he ensnares another forty-three. And not out, at that. India, at the close of play on day three require a further eighty-four runs to win. Or, more to the point, Virat Kohli requires a further eighty-four runs to win. The monster. So, it seems the Indian Captain is the real deal. He’s sealed that deal with a reel of footage to feel the peeling of others doubt heeling beyond the range of sound.