Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It seems Ma’a Nonu has dropped the f-bomb seven times in a post match interview after his team’s win over the Chief’s. And many in the public are outraged. Well, what the bloody hell for? It’s not as if he used it eight times. Now that really would be a crime of heinous proportions.
Having just completed eighty minutes of rugby, he let his guard down and let loose in an after match interview with a tirade of f-bombs. So what you may ask. It’s not as if players don’t swear during a match is it. Not to mention most other places as well. What is the difference between that and letting loose in a post match interview? Well, nothing, of course. It is only a minute bit of foul and vulgar language. How stupid of us all to think that all those people listening to the game on radio could possibly want to hear from the players afterwards. And why wouldn’t they wish to hear an expletive laden two minute interview where they find out absolutely nothing informative about how the player saw the game. So much better that than hearing anything intelligent come out of Nonu’s mouth.
Let’s be fair and not forget that in the heat of the battle things can said without thinking. What, you say; it wasn’t during the match. Ah well, perhaps his team lost. This would make it understandable then. What, they won. Ah, I’ve got it; he’s a rugby player, which of course makes him exempt from any misdemeanour he may commit.
What an uptight bunch some of us are, that we get offended at Nonu’s harmless language. Really, it is not as if this sort of thing is considered to be offensive. If it was, surely there would be laws against offensive language in a public place. Oh there is, you say. Oops, sorry, I forgot.
Nonu, as far as I can ascertain, is an example of a highly articulate rugby player with a well rounded vocabulary. I mean, those barbaric rugby league players haven’t got the formal education to emulate the likes of Nonu. After all, they can only manage the occasional f-bomb on the field, let alone any in an interview.
And isn’t wonderful to see that professional sportsmen are becoming bilingual? Nonu is taking it upon himself to help out all those children out there that love the game of rugby and look up to his ilk as role models by teaching them a second language. After all, it is impossible for one to be over educated. For too long, footballers have wasted a way their time on play station, playing golf and keeping the alcohol industry in good health. At last, a player that values articulate conversations.
Now, how could anyone possibly be offended by this? Surely it is a parent’s responsibility to teach their children right from wrong? To impart the values that they think are desirable for their children to grow into young adults with. Of course, Not Ma’a Nonu’s responsibility. It cannot possibly be his fault that impressionable youngsters may ape him. That they could take to using this type of language, in turn possibly becoming overly aggressive to teachers and the like, certainly isn’t Nonu’s fault. Not that Nonu should be expected to care about the lot of those overpaid and under worked teachers. Hell, they couldn’t possibly know stress the way a professional rugby player such as Nonu does. But, not to worry, as professionals, the likes of Nonu have plenty of spare time to visit schools and spread their wisdom.
And what better person than Ma’a Nonu to do that. As I said earlier, they should all be exposed to a second language.

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