Sloane Stephens, the time is nigh to reach high. Taking what is what and making all sigh. To slink in under darkness and apply thy.

A thief in the night, you are on the sly. No one expects the world of you just yet. Ranked number sixteen, you have not yet met. Though a chance on home soil still may exist.

Twenty now and growing up rapidly. Life's lessons have been harsh, it has not been easy. Like that mini- feud with a champ.

You underestimated Serena. Oh the innocence, the naivety. She turned out more ruthless foe than friend. A star overseeing all other stars. That is the might of the light that you fight.

Such a newbie, yet a star felt threatened. One shining so bright, another glow grows. A tip of the hat to your new found status.

Lessons learned is a future cemented. And what a future that beckons for you.

The horizon of hope illuminates. One with financial security. One with all the fame in the whole wide world. One with a plethora of titles gained. One with the respect of one's peers. Just one with the omnipresence of success.

Ignore the oppositions disposition. They are not your friends, how could they ever be? They will walk over anyone for a buck. Yes, you who grew up in utopia.

The delusion soon evaporates. Awareness marches in as April's fool leaves, come what may. June's a dream, July's the understudy. What with a worthy work ethic. August and you are all nobility.

A nobility that crosses the barriers of prejudice. One that is spoken of for all the right reasons. There should never be any moan from Sloane. After all, all that talent, no time to waste.

Such a bent to worry about others. Too talented to concern thee with jealousy . A semi-final appearance already. No wonder the supreme goddess sat alert. Want success, many enemies await. They search for the slightest crack in your steel. Requiring of you a sturdy mind to concentrate. It is hard, that is to be sure, with nagging doubts emanating to your core.

Sweet sixteen can be the sourest of all. Some desirable tenets have arrived. But the sun is still partially obscured. The top ten takes the time to tantalise. Teasingly, tis tantamount to torture.

That said, you are becoming the ultimate pro. Those early mistakes appear not repeated.

Winter's woe succumbing to Summer's glow. You are home and through to round two. Things are still open in the USA. Two more wins and, perchance, it is all on. A match with your arch nemesis. That's right, the queen, Serena, awaits you. Here now is your chance to break through and cause a power blackout. To shake the fourth round and the tennis world.

To announce the start of a electrifying career. A career that could be recalled for an eternity.