Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The flop - Basketball

Rivers of deceit tumbling a slew, breath's freshness beaten a foul

Merchants muscle alienating the masses and swelling a revolt

Saints past and present, honest as the day, they avow

One's frippery did run amok, the devil doth bolt

A high flyer commissions the finest basket cases from ball to high court

Not one exempt, a king for five thousand, from stallion to colt

Birds of a feather, a mimic keen to be brought

Accusations of the devious afloat, miraculous escapades bring one's vault

Tall tales not, claimants of a faithful good, summoning the most earnest cause

Baying monsters perceived, unbelieving, mutinous for the blood of the draw

High stakes, a three pronged beast, the taker of life's merriment without pause

Outnumbered, one fang on a rickety pretence, for two's a public sentiment

From the newel of hell, the regal much immersed in a quagmire of desolation

For it is all much of a flop

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