Sunday, January 6, 2013

RG111 . . . the crowd chants, RG111 . . . the crowd roars, RG111 RG111 - the game hasn’t begun, still the crowd goes hoarse for their hero.

No sight of him just yet, but the fans work themselves into a capricious frenzy.
But don’t fear he’s there, with all the right moves and a team of willing mates riding the wave of RG111 mania all the way to this weekend’s playoffs - Seattle, beware.

RG111, we don’t use his full name – that‘s how well known he is, even this early in his career. But what a star – first year and all, only lightly seasoned until now, with not so much as a drop of salt to far, the twenty-two year old RG111 is having a jolly time of it in his rookie season. His arteries of talent not blocked from the inhibitions of experience, the flange of the Washington Redskin’s has guided his side to finals football.

For sure, no tourist, he’s been in the thick of things from the beginning. Even now, despite the hindrance of a troublesome knee injury, the fate of this side hangs on the youthful shoulders of RG111 as he attempts to keep his team from visiting the tomb of defeat and repel the raiders of the West Coast.

Never mind that the Redskins are playing away, on a small croft of soil in an inhospitable environment far from the comforts of home, this lot are a professional bunch.

No moaning, no groaning, they do the business. All led by playmaker, RG111, sore knee and all, he’s there for the team. He is a star but he’ll play through pain if need be, he is the key.

In an upward arc of form this season, they have already made finals football – that will do for them nicely. You’ve got to start somewhere, after all. But why stop there for Washington are on the verge of the unthinkable; sating the appetite of fans that lust after an eagerly awaited return to the glory days of a Superbowl they last won in 1991.

So there you are, a young star on his first steps towards a rich tapestry of future fame, fortune and glory.

What, you’re still unsure who this is all about?

Oh, okay, for those few of you that have been living beneath a rock, he’s Robert Griffin111 . . . superstar, yet, consummate team man.