Friday, March 1, 2013

Stephen Curry, what a show-off.

We can all see how good you are . . . there is no need to prove anything to anyone. All that fancy stuff - come on, how about acting like everyone else and sticking with the conventional. Surely this isn’t your notion of normality.

Oh, it is. Well, all right then, you must be the real deal and no show-off. Keep this kind of form up and there will be no doubters as to whether you are worth every cent of that four year, twelve million dollar contract.

Making that kind of money, many would expect the generating of extravagant stats each and every game.

That you did here was there for all to see. Outrageous three pointers, lay-ups with the baffling speed that belies an adequate 6ft3” 180 pound frame, free-throws, field goals galore and there was even time to set up your Golden state teammates for shots with your wickedly surreal match vision. Fifty-one percent of Golden State’s points came from the deadly anarchy of your shooting arm.

Fifty-four points, keep this up and you will soon enter Basketball folklore. Already a season best for any NBA player and following a thirty-eight point effort the night before this stuff will soon become the new habitat for you. In a losing side you were the core. At one time you had shot fourteen out of fifteen from the far flung reaches of your talent’s capabilities in three-point land. All this without the help of All-Star David Lee, through suspension, you could not have done anymore.

In the end a young smallish team could not beat the law in the form of the New York Knicks. 109-105 and Golden State were out-sized. Still, a mighty effort it was from each and all. For all the world it looked like a match-up between David and Goliath, such was the size difference between the two sides. By rights it should have been a cake walk for the Knicks.

With Golden State down by fourteen and achieving a scintilla of success mid way through the first quarter, with you shooting only two from six three-pointers, you upped the ante and traversed the ravine of boulder like obstacles standing in the way.

Up against the likes of Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler, not the best of the best, but hey, they are not too far away, you treated the talented duos reputations with disdain. Or then again maybe it wasn’t that at all. Maybe it was the challenge of taking on two stars of the game and beating them that elevated you to the imposing peaks of the otherworldly. Anything they can do, you can outdo. That you did. A smile on the dial, oh what fun, it was all a bit of a Lear, for you didn’t care you had no fear.

Why worry when you and your mates are fighting above your weight? Relax, go out and rock everyone’s world. You did. Forty-eight minutes of game time, you were out on your feet with five minutes to go. You bravely fought on, routinely coming up with the most outlandish of plays. Tired legs yet a mind so straight that keeps on keeping on, you’re a good one.

Not only was this an epic individual performance but appreciative teammates came along for the ride. They exalted their performances on the back of a truly inspirational individual effort. In the end it wasn’t quite enough, but it was plenty mesmerising. Many a fan is on their way.

Such a young team with a future laden with potential success, it may take a couple of years no less. The heat is slowly but surely building, as is your individual performance.

You keep this up and none of us will be able to tell whether you’re showing off or not.