Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The World is a different place today. Fads come and fads go, as is their wont. Values change. Well, duh, you say. Still, back in the day they would chop a tree down(get over it Greenies)with an axe, now it's a chainsaw. Nothing wrong with that of course, progress and all, except that these days it seems like there is forever someone looking for a short cut to success, like getting someone else to do the job for them. Or, in this day and age of instant gratification, if success doesn't occur, move on. They often do. Or maybe, in the case of Tennis, if a set appears a lost cause, hold back on the effort and wait until the second set.

It wouldn't have happened fifty years ago, but then values have changed. And the mighty dollar has taken over. Those values again. Or lack thereof.

Fortunately though, there is still hope for some of the young folk out there.

Like Eugenie Bouchard. Here is a young lady that doesn't go in for all the modern claptrap that is often spouted. Here's a lady that finds herself down 5-2 in the first set. So what does she do? One, sing the theme song to the Monkeys' and do what some others would do and throw the set and start afresh in set two, albeit one set down? Two, fight back with all her might and take said first set 7-6 in the tiebreaker?

You betcha the Canadian would find the maturity to select option two. She didn't even have to send out a search party. Such an easy decision. After all, let a foe win one set and gather momentum and you may not be able to put a halt to the tidal wave of effervescent confidence of a frontrunner. So, toughen up and search for the hurt, alert for a way back, don't slack.

Gain the respect of your peers for a never say die attitude, or at the very least, show the blighters what is coming their way when they next attempt to tangle with you.

But this isn't just about the winning of an encounter in the present. No, it runs deeper than the cosmetic sheen of a slithering mind falsely enlightened by the shallow beat of the laziest of souls. It's about respecting oneself. No lazy deed is rewarded by long term success. Instead, taking pride in a performance, developing habits to the good for a lifetime and an attitude where one never backs down, no matter what.

Sure, there is always an easy way out. Give away that set you thought was gone, give away a chance to progress to the next round. For there was fear, but to care and dare would dare the jeers of doubt to wear the flare of rare and near flawless fare veering beyond the tears of all peer. Give away a potential semi-final spot. Go on, do it, take that risk. If that's for you, fine.

Centre court of Roland Garros, the loveliest of all things Paris. Eugenie Bouchard wants that experience. Already a Semi-Finalist in Australia last January, why not aspire to consistency as well as being a Princess of brilliance.

Fight, fight back from 2-5 down and show the Tennis world what a decade there is to come.

And that fight back paid off for the twenty year old as her opponent, Carla Suarez-Navarro, fought her way back to take the second set. Just think what might not have been if Bouchard had passed on that first set. Possibly not a 7-5 win in the third.

But it was only that fight back that would enable this potential Grand Slam winner with the mass of talent to land herself a berth in the final four.

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