Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lebron James form is so hot even fire itself gives him a wide berth.

Unlike fire deprived of oxygen, his form threatens to burn for many a decade. His foe can only stand the heat for so long. Eventually that furnace suffocates the opposition of their ability to counter his genius.

His is a brightly oiled vista of star spangled heavenly endeavours, culminating in a virtual feeding frenzy of elongated success, stretching the pre-conceived boundaries as to what his already prodigious bent could achieve. Said abilities were always there, perhaps not quite as refined as they are in the now, but still more than enough for his coaches to work with. More importantly, there is enough for the big man to improve on as he puts in all the extras in his own time. After all, desire comes from the depths of one’s mind. With James that mind is an oasis of well lubricated acuteness, as is his Basketball talent.

Since the small forward’s debut back in what seems like the distant past of 2006, the 6ft8” James’ statistics have improved with each passing season. Free-throws, rebounds, assists per game, field goals and shots from afar; every season he keeps expanding. Not for James to stagnate. He knows the way forward to greatness is to keep the progress in the positive. Nor is he one to concern himself as to what others think of him.

Three years ago he was ridiculed for announcing to the world that, along with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, he was going to decimate all before him for many a year to come. They signed with the Heat. In their minds a dynasty was on the verge of animation. The future foresaw a better countenance for him than the one he had in Cleveland. A few fans were, to put it mildly, disappointed that he chose to leave. But that is bye the by, I guess. It was onwards and upwards. There was to be a change in fortune. Indeed, he is one of the rare to prosper having had their form go south. Miami it was for the foreseeable future. Sun, surf and those few titles he was so confident of attaining beckoned.

Aiming for the stars and all that, it was going to be more than just a few. The Lebron James show was due to begin.

Now there is a risk that this outlandish prophecy could occur.

2012 came and went; he won an NBA championship ring. He finally did it. Eight seasons since his rookie year – it is here. It didn’t sink in immediately but, sure enough, it did eventually.

“Oh my God, I think it just hit me, I'm a CHAMPION, I’m a CHAMPION”. So said LBJ, on his twitter account, the day after. Now he knows what it feels like, you suspect he wants more.

And here is the chance to finally deliver on that enormous potential that he was lucky enough to be born with. Sure, there are not going to be eight NBA titles in a row like the great Celtics era of the 1960’s, what with the salary cap and all, but another few appear to be well within his grasp. It won’t be easy, but he has come to realise that. This, in part, is what makes multiple titles more realistic. He discovered that one didn’t come easy, and knowing now how hard it is to attain the heights of the heavens, he has taken to the current season with a verve of one who knows what fruits are at the end of the ladder of hard work.

Twenty-eight, it took him awhile, but that wait never stopped him. He kept rising, never knowing when the air would become too rarefied for his abilities. Soon the talisman of all talismens will be there. You know, the heavens - that abode made for you, where the sky is blue, the birds flew and the pantheon of stars awaits you.

Now he is the biggest of fish in the biggest of seas, without a care in the world such does his talent run free, addicted to the pursuit of excellence, many a enemy have attempted to stymie.

Not even Kevin Durant could stop the dream wrecking machine, the same Kevin Durant who has sparked quite the inferno himself in 2013. Along with James, he could keep fire-fighters in business, the Country wide. I mean, if it wasn’t for the presence of LBJ, Durant would be a shoo in for MVP. Instead his chances have been assassinated by LBJ’s continued quest for improvement. The NBA’s second best player has been made to look like a weekend hack. They were battering away at each other to gain the title of best in the NBA. Now James has won by a knockout and is the king. I suppose there is a reason that he is nicknamed King James, after all. And to think they said all those sightings were bogus.

He reigns supreme as the scarp of his talent loomed large over his foes receding hopes of success, shadowing their every move as the millstone of sobriety lowered its bow to the tentacles of despair, swimming for an eternity into a tsunami of forlorn hope.

That shadow only grows with time; darkening the air for all that cross that path, except, of course, LeBron James and his equally dedicated teammates.

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