Sunday, May 23, 2010

The only thing Floyd Landis has won over the past four years is dope of the year.
And let’s give him credit; at least it is an award for 2010. Nothing quite like being current is there.
Not being content with accusing Lance Armstrong of being a drugs cheat, he somehow, in his little mind decided it would be a wise career move to suggest that the entire professional cycling fraternity indulges in the dark arts of drug taking. The worst thing about all of this is that Landis has not been able to produce so much as a thread of evidence to substantiate his claims.
So, good thinking Floyd. Not only have you opened yourself up to being sued, you have also alienated everyone on the pro tour. And sadly, all the commotion that you have caused seems to have been borne out of nothing more than petty spite on your part. It seems that you are upset at the organisers of the Tour of California for not including your team. Next you will be double sheeting your children’s beds because they didn’t give you the birthday present that you had wanted.
Sure, there are more than likely people out there that agree with you. It might be that the majority of the public believe that pro cycling is riddled with drugs cheats, but then they don’t have to deal with any of the cyclists. You do, though. And that’s the bit you seem to have forgotten, isn’t it, that you are unlikely to gain entry into future events all because you threw your toys out of the cot about not getting into one event.
It may just benefit you though Floyd. After all, just imagine if you had got to ride the Tour de France again and members of other teams with long memories decided to take some retribution on you down one of those steep alpine roads with sheer drops over the edge of two hundred metres. You would be thanking your lucky stars that you won’t be part of the peloton. If you had stopped to think of such things, that is.
It seems that you have let your anger cloud your judgement. Not only that but the irony of the whole situation seems to have escaped your attention. A person (you) that was caught cheating in the 2006 Tour de France, who for four years denies that he took any performance enhancing drugs, now comes out and admits he did in fact deliberately cheat. Now you expect the world to take your word on all matters to do with drugs in the sport of cycling.
What’s more, you have chosen to take on one of the most powerful riders in the sport of cycling in Lance Armstrong. A man that has regularly been accused of misdeeds over the past ten years, but not once has anyone managed to prove anything against him. And suddenly you decide that you can bring Armstrong down. Perhaps you have forgotten that Armstrong is an American hero. One that fought his way back from life threatening cancer to conquer the mightiest race of them all, the Tour de France. So I’m just going to take a stab in the dark here and say that the American public is more likely to take Armstrong’s side than yours.
Be careful too, Floyd. Armstrong and his mates might just turn the tables on you and open a can of whoopass of their own, disclosing more information on you.
And remember, you’re the one that has been found guilty of taking drugs-not them.

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