Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Round 12 NRL Preview

Dragons vs Panthers
The winds will be blowing for you in the first half.You will be in high spirits for sixty minutes, however, people with sinister intentions will try to put a halt to your enjoyment over the last twenty minutes. The new lunar cycle will bring a toughness to your resolve in those more trying times. Someone that is part of your extended team, smiles in the 43rd minute.

You are missing home and it effects your performance. One of your team gets involved in unnessecary confrontation in the 24th minute. A higher authority gives advice. You become bored with listening to talk and decide to do some talking of your own, in the form of actions, but it has the wrong effect. Despite a strong ending to your story, results do not nessecarily go the way you would like, but do not dispair, there is always next time.

Eels vs Sharks
A mate of yours seeks medical assistance on more than one occasion. You are positive of mind for the majority of the match. Someone on the periphery follows in the footsteps of a famous figure,scores on more than one occasion, which sets the right tone for his team.

You give away half the normal ammount of penalties this week, due to a notable absence. However, despite this, other irregularities in your lineup mean you struggle for fluency. You create chances for yourselves, but due to the current lunar positioning, fail to make the most of them. You suffer a loss, in more ways than one. A leader will commend officials on a job done well.

Knights vs Bulldogs
You have ferocious backing from outside influences. Unfortunately for you though, two of your teammates have decided to locate elsewhere for seven days and it effects your performance. You do, however, show remarkable resilience, and only go down by a small margin.

Dissapointments of the past are soon forgotten and the moon brings out the best for one of your forwards. The 53rd minute brings into prominence, a notable play for one of the inner sanctum of your team. A act by an outside back is of the utmost importance to your team. Thgis person excels under pressure.

Warriors vs Tigers
Defence becomes you. With a solid platform, a smaller member of your team recaptures form of the past, to lead you to victory. Confidence will build in you as time goes on. This will be the start of a charge towards a noteworthy ending in the months to come.

Due to the current lunar phase that you are going through, you will be brilliant one minute, but dire the next. This lack of consistancy in your life will cost you in the short term. The 32nd minute will bring a leader, high notoriety.

Rabbitohs vs Raiders
Your enviroment is of a friendly nature this week, and you warm to it. You will miss someone for a short time during the match, but you resolve to overcome this difficulty. You will be the recipient of a torrent of good news between the 45th and 53rd minutes. This news will see you singing at some stage, later on.

Excitement is in the air for a member of your team. This, though, will be the last of the celebratory tone for the next six days. Your hands let you down. Your relationship with fifteen others on the field is not good.

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