Thursday, July 4, 2013

Boom Boom Galore

Sabine Lisicki's serve is so fast it should be given a citation for speeding. Not that she would mind if that were the case. After all, it pays to possess a weapon of deadly intent.

When you are in a spot of bother, fermentation all the rage, with nerves rattling your cage, simply call in the heavy artillery. Nothing like a reminder to your foe.

Just when that pest was preparing to pounce, your one and only puts her back in her rightful place. A cautionary tale, that is for sure.

Though this German is no one shot wonder. A game designed to grace the hallowed grass courts of the world with her scintillating ground strokes and ability to volley. Backed up by a sense of perspective of the importance to which a tennis match brings, the twenty-three year old is never short of a smile on court.

For which she endears herself to the crowds.

Beware though, her bark sure is outweighed by her bite. Twenty-three in the world, it is a ranking that does not do justice to the top ten talent that exists within. Just when one thinks an easy assignment is on their doorstep, the appropriately nicknamed "Boom Boom" steps up to douse the pretentions of the starry eyed.

This smiling assassin has upset the plans of many a victim. Only three days ago it was Serena Williams, and then Kaia Kanepi in the quarter-final to book herself a semi-final appearance today. Back to where she left off in 2011, a Wimbledon Semi-final. Then, it was Maria Sharapova she went down to 6-3,6-4.

Now is the chance for her to spread her wings. To go one better and raise her game aloft.

But do not let complacency set in. One big win does not make a champion. There will always be those that delight in one's downfall.

Like Agnieszka Radwanska.

Seeded number four, she is power's antithesis. Not for her to overpower anyone. No 6ft3"amazon, this Polish dynamo prefers to head to port with the stealthiest of intentions. If Lisicki is the smiling assassin, then Radwanska is a silent one.

That she does not blast a foe off the court in an instant is without doubt. Indeed, her serve is so slow it runs out of breathe by the time it reaches 160kph. Instead, she relies on the art of deception. Out of sheer necessity the World number four must send her foe scurrying from one side to the other, front to back, this way and that. Once she has them off balance and going one way, she will send the ball to a much more enlightened destination.

Such a highly effective strategy. As many will attest too through the years. She has scaled the edifice of tennis heights the hard way. Intelligence with hard work her mainstay. There are no easy points coming to her aid. As sure as day follows night she is home made. She will make you work for every point.

So be alert Sabine Lisicki. This could be your moment of all moments. Where you rise past the safety of the pack. But watch one's back, for stealth sniggers within.

Here is the loftiest of your ventures. A time to show that you are the real deal. To use your natural attributes to their fullest, yet at the same time display the variations within one's game. That there is an added dimension in play that will see a deserving talent achieve a first; A grand slam finals appearance.

Then anything could be possible.

Maybe a flight straight past the moon and into the sun to become the mightiest of all stars.

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