Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ain’t life grand? What an astounding time in history to be able to partake in as animated life as is possible. All sorts prevail in this modern age, that’s for sure.

That’s what makes it so weird and wonderful. Likable as it is though, the more one sees of it, the more one comes to realise that things seldom change.

After hundreds of thousands of years along the evolutionary track, remarkably, there is still an element of society that refuses to take responsibility for their actions.

Always someone else at fault, there is.

A stirring example of the “anyone but my fault” mentality can be seen in the reaction of some to the sideline brawl between Glenn Stewart and Adam Blair. Apparently these two combatants were not at fault for what was certainly not a good look for Rugby League.

Astounding isn’t it? The thought processes of some are truly breathtaking.

While no one would condone violence on the football field(or anywhere else), the reality is that League is a contact sport, and tempers are going to get a little frayed around the edges on occasions. So, fair enough, can’t hold it against them forever. Ten minutes in the sin bin. Get on with the game.

Having said that, once they were sent to the sin bin for their part in the initial melee, it is truly mind-boggling that they then decided the only appropriate course of action would be to start brawling on the sideline.

Now these two, by all accounts, are considered to be a couple of pretty decent chaps on and off the field. Usually, they would be the ones breaking up a fight. Setting a good example for those around them. Not creating a situation that has seen ten players charged with contrary conduct charges by the NRL.

So one can only assume that in some unique quirk of fate that they both had a severe case of brain fade at the same time and decided to participate in some of the most mindless and idiotic behavior that could be found in the vicinity of a football match.

It goes without saying that the two of them are suitable candidates to co-author a book on the many and varied ways to act like complete gooses.

But to lay the blame, as some have, on referee Shayne Hayne is a little rich.

It seems that in the eyes of many, Hayne should have given the first player sin binned more time to leave the field before the other was sent.

More than likely, he is also responsible for world poverty, the hole in the ozone layer, the twin towers collapsing, not to mention that hotbed of killing and violence in the Middle East.

In reality, it is hardly Hayne’s fault that Stewart dawdled off the park at the pace of a snail. And there are those of us that would dearly love to be enlightened on just how it was that Hayne forced Blair and Stewart to decide to trade further blows.

We now know that the art of mind control has been mastered.

At the very least this would prove extremely illuminating as to the inner workings of the brains of such folk and how they manage to take their minds to such extraordinary places that they can somehow conjure up this sort of bizarre logic.

Meeting up with them may well be those poor deluded souls that have taken flight back into the dark ages and contend that as no one got hurt, the punishment need not be as severe.

Will the penny ever drop with these types?

Perhaps they could be invited to contribute a chapter to the aforementioned book.

How is that they cannot comprehend the fact that no one was hurt is not the issue.

Fighting, while it is going to happen at times, is still not to be tolerated.Rugby League is in a battle with AFL, Soccer and Rugby Union for the hearts and minds of all the youngsters out there. And if those youths parents see all in brawls as the order of the day, then they will stop their children from participating in Rugby League.

Really, it is not all that difficult to work out, is it?

Even the two clubs involved, Manly and Melbourne, have very quickly deduced the trouble that is headed their way. Remember, these are two clubs that do not hold the NRL in particularly high regard. There is history between both of them and the governing body. Yet both clubs have been quick to make conciliatory noises in the ensuing furore. This despite the fact that most clubs tend to go into bat for their players in times of trouble, regardless of whether they are in the right or not.

In this particular case, they worked out exceedingly quickly that they haven’t got a leg to stand on.

Surely if two biased clubs can see the situation this clearly, those that do not have a connection to the clubs or players could find a modicum of common sense from within, and see the light.

After all, the dinosaur has supposedly been extinct for many millions of years.

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