Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pita Godinet has shown himself to be in possession of a future that could be one of the best.

Having bided his time patiently on the sidelines for much of this season, the twenty-three year olds time appears to have arrived. It’s only early days, yet there is a sense of inevitability about his ascension to the higher echelons of Rugby League.

A matter of time it can only be, especially after his debut in the Warriors encounter with South Sydney, last Sunday. He didn’t get onto the field until the sixtieth minute, but once on, there was no looking back for the New Zealand born dynamo that has Samoan bloodlines within him.

A halfback by trade, he had to settle for coming off the interchange bench as a back-up to Aaron Heremaia in the dummy half role. Not that he was going to complain. After all, even a small chance is better than no chance at all. That he proceeded to rip straight into things can be of no surprise.

For as sprightly as can be, he zipped out of dummy half on numerous occasions with copious amounts of zest. Making metres for the overall gain of his team seemed to come easy for him such was the speed of which he carved out his gains. So much so that it appeared to catch the opposition by surprise.

It wasn’t just South Sydney that was caught by surprise. Indeed, even his own club were caught on the hop having not signed Godinet to a fulltime contract, only discovering late last year that he was a mere twenty-two at the time. Needless to say Warriors management didn’t waste any time and signed him up with absolute haste.

And why wouldn’t they when faced with a player of Godinet’s supreme talent.

With the kind of ability he so clearly possesses, it’s now up to him to torpedo today’s talent towards the tip that thankfully traverses the tenacious tentacles that tantalisingly tease those that throb tellingly through transplanted treasures teetering towards the target, thus treating thy to the transparent thrills that transcend the treatments thrashed through taboo that therefore take the time to timelessly transpire.

That apogee threatens to find itself a lofty peak on the NRL mountainside. Sure, he is still extremely inexperienced, but all that means is that there is serious room for improvement left in him for as far as the optic can see.

With hard work there cannot be any reason why Godinet should fail in his mission to seal a long term career in Rugby League.

He has no shortage of talents.

There is that blistering speed off the mark. Add to that the foresight to see cavities in the opposition’s defensive line and make the utmost use of them. And there’s a challenge for the Christchurch born terrier; to be able to create chaos up the middle of the ruck week in, week out.

Lest we forget his versatility too, as he can play halfback or hooker, not to mention the fact that he offers value for money whether as a starting player, or coming off the interchange bench.

With Lance Hohaia currently out of the side injured, Godinet gets another chance this weekend to impress against the Canberra Raiders.

This is obviously good for him. What’s good for Godinet though, one suspects will not be so fruitful for the Raiders.

Unfortunately for the Raiders, they may discover this only through the sight of Godinet’s back as he scoots out of dummy half.

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