Monday, July 18, 2011

A pairing has been proposed.

It is one that would set hearts aflutter. Fans from here, there and everywhere could not help but yearn for this ideal union. From afar they would come, that there is no doubt of. The big day would not come soon enough for many.

For Switzerland could soon have a King and Queen.

A Couple so steeped in royalty to show the way to all those admiring youngsters. A Couple that could bring great prosperity to their Country. A Couple that would lead from the front.

That is if Roger Federer gets his way.

It is Federer’s express desire to set in motion an alliance with a partner he has long desired. One that in his eyes would be his perfect match.

This would be the crowning glory on an already impressive career if he could win the mixed doubles at next year’s London Olympics with Martina Hingis.

Yes, that’s right; Federer has purportedly put forward a proposal ( the Swiss Miss.

There has been no word thus far as to whether one of the most tactically astute players to ever grace a tennis court has accepted his invitation.

The fifteen times grand slam winner has not played on the Pro circuit since late 2007, in part due to a two year ban for a failed drugs test. After having endured one comeback in 2006, she decided enough was enough and retired once again at the ripe old age of twenty-seven. Apparently it was for good this time.

Twenty-seven is young though, and one is a long time retired.

Maybe she’s starting to realise this as in 2010 she competed in the World teams’ tour. She enjoyed it too, by all accounts.

So it seems she still has a soft spot for the sport. She could be seen in the crowd watching the Women’s singles finals at both Roland Garros and Wimbledon this year. It certainly is not the act of a Woman that has lost her love for the game.

Having commented that she has thoroughly enjoyed her time back in tennis, let us hope she sees fit to make another comeback.

It doesn’t have to be singles, either. Just doubles and mixed doubles would be fine. Imagine her teaming up with Anna Kournikova again, to take on the modern day starlets. Neither has hit thirty yet, and plenty of good tennis is left in them.

And how great would it be to have the Hingis personality back in the game? That sure would liven things up a bit. There are many great players on the circuit today, but some of the character has gone out of the women’s game since the likes of Hingis moved on.

Many a male fan would dearly love to procure a kiss from the Swiss Miss, but such is her propensity for a well timed one-liner, they’re more than likely to find themselves getting dissed. But that’s part of the great lady’s appeal: not only does she possess a sharp tennis mind, but, also, a quicksilver wit and an overall intelligence (she is multi-lingual) that allows for a glowing personality.

She is an alrounder in every sense of the word. She has fans everywhere. They mourned the fact that she no longer had a tennis existence. What a fillip her return would have for them, as well as the game in general.

It surely would be great to see Hingis back in competitive tennis. As she said herself, everything she has in her life was possible because of tennis.

So here’s her chance to give back to the game and her fans.

And what better way could there be to celebrate a comeback than with a gold medal in London next year?

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