Monday, July 4, 2011

On March 8 1990 a star came into existence. It wasn’t all that big in the early stages. It didn’t burn particularly brightly to begin with. But over time it grew, expanded and blossomed into one of the most dazzling of all stars.

Its brightness ebbed and flowed at times. Sometimes you could spot it without any hindrance at all. In all its glory, there it was for all to see.

At other times its glow seemed to dissipate into a cloud of uncertainty. On occasions it would delve into the sphere of another star. It had every right to be there. In itself, though, it just wasn’t so sure.

Then one day on a brilliantly fine London Saturday... BOOM... that star exploded onto the scene once and for all. Before an adoring audience it delighted all and sundry with a performance as magnificent as it was mesmerising.

That star, all those years ago, they called Petra. Petra Kvitova, that is.

And here she was at Wimbledon, the home of tennis, the lead star in a galaxy of stars. Tall, powerful and aggressive this is one Amazonian star in its ascendency.

All big shots when need be, but with the touch and finesse that make for a more complete player.

In the final against Russian Maria Sharapova, the Czechoslovakian who was born in the small town of Bilovec was all too strong for her foe. What a sight it was, to see Sharapova- one of the biggest hitters in the Women’s game- being swatted aside by the physically stronger Kvitova.

And not a grunt to be heard on the part of Kvitova, too.

Scary it must be for her opponents of the future to see a twenty-one year old in the infancy of her career hitting the ball with such ferocity. Over the next five years or so, the left handed Kvitova will only go from strength to strength. Her power will increase and when she gains true consistency in her game...well, it doesn’t bear thinking about for her opposition.

It must be bad enough as it is for the likes of Sharapova to see shots come whistling back with no reaction time to respond. Just imagine what it’s going to be like in the not too distant future. What’s worse for them is that Kvitova is strong off both the forehand and backhand. There is simply no let up.

This leads us to the swinging left hand serve that she has been endowed with. It is to die for. With the capacity to take her enemy wide of the court, it is just one more weapon she possesses within an armoury that is positively overflowing.

So much so that is hard not to see her dominating the Women’s game for a long time to come. With the obvious strong mental fortitude that she is the owner of, her challengers have the steepest of hurdles to climb.

And on the evidence of the past two weeks, it looks increasingly likely that they will be spending a lot of time playing catch up.

For Kvitova appears on the brink of becoming something very special indeed.

So unique and ahead of the field that she could yet become the tour’s equivalent of a four leaf clover, not to mention a fully fledged supernova.

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