Sunday, June 19, 2011

It has often been debated as to whether a player attempting to charge down a kick is a good thing.

So, what’s the answer?

Well, perhaps, it was there for all to see during last night’s encounter between the Warriors and North Queensland in Townsville. On three occasions during the first half, Warrior’s players charged down kicks on the last tackle. On all of those occasions it resulted in North Queensland regaining possession and an extra set of six.

This, of course, put added pressure on a Warriors side, defensively, that is not used to the heat and humidity of tropical North Queensland. Maybe it contributed to their 30-10 loss to the Cowboys, maybe it didn’t.

Regardless though, the opposition having extra possession is not a good thing, it has to be said.

Sure, it shows high levels of commitment on their part to harass the kicker. And for this, they should be commended. The better option, though, (as smarter people than me have pointed out) is to pressure the kicker, but at the same time resist the urge to come into contact with the ball.

Hence, you regain possession.

And with any luck, due to the pressure put on the kicker, it may also result in the set of six starting in better field position.

It sure beats defending against repeat sets of six.

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