Monday, May 16, 2011

Some have said that James Maloney is a work in progress.

They’re right, you know.

For all the great stuff he does, at times it can be equalled by the not so good.

For every dynamic line break he makes, there is often a penalty unnecessarily offered up to the opposition.

With a success rate of eighty-eight percent in the goal kicking stakes, Maloney is one of the Nrl’s top sharpshooters. While he is a guaranteed two points more often than not, on the other side of the coin, his kicking in general play can be a touch inconsistent at times.

Against Newcastle yesterday, rarely did he find the turf on his last tackle plays. Often, the back three of the Knights could gather the pill on the full and quickly gain an easy twenty metres before the Warriors kick/chase had arrived.

That said, he played a large part in the Warrior’s sealing a victory in the final ten minutes. His try was a fine example of a player running good lines in a bid to penetrate the opposition line. It’s not the first time he has done it, either. Last week against the Gold Coast he was again lethal in attack.

And while he does make errors at times, he doesn’t appear to be suffering from the dreaded second year syndrome. You know, that thing where a young player stars in his debut season and then struggles the next year.

He, at least, appears to be improving.

So, does the good outweigh the bad?

Too right it does.

Sign him up long term, now.

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