Saturday, May 7, 2011

So, the Kiwi’s only had four days to prepare for the Anzac day test that isn’t played on Anzac day.

Disadvantaged they were to such an inordinately large extent, that, clearly, they would have decimated the Kangaroo outfit if they were given the opportunity to have a more professional ten day preparation.

Of course, some would claim that.

If only the Kiwi’s could have time to prepare like State of Origin teams , the pesky but ultimately talent free zone that is the Australian rugby league team would be shaking in their boots.

You see, Australia have a backline consisting of six Queenslanders. Combinations already there, so they are much better off than their counterparts apparently.

And it’s not like the Kiwi’s play together three times per year either, is it. No one would have witnessed them competing in five test matches in 2010. Those of you that perceive that you did must surely be letting your imaginations run wild. And it would be bordering on the bizarre that you could possibly suggest that last night’s team was wholly different to that of last year.

The Kiwi’s, unlike their foe, wouldn’t be affected by the twelve man interchange bench under the rules that the international game is played. Nothing could be surer than an extra two interchanges suiting their cause, as it is them- not the Australians- that possess the personnel to perform an up-tempo game plan.

Greg Inglis, Justin Hodges and their cohorts certainly wouldn’t have the ability of the Kiwi’s to take advantage of the gaps in the defensive line that appear due to the superior speed of play that the New Zealander’s are able to engage in.

Across the board, a team of superstars, the Kiwi’s are. This is most different from the Kangaroos who only have a couple of leading lights in their stable, but are ably backed up by those wholehearted workmanlike types.

That there could be anyone out there that thinks those solid, if unspectacular, players would benefit from another week together pre-match to get to the stage where they could operate on the same level as the star-studded New Zealander’s, defies belief.

I mean, it’s not like a longer preparation would help a team of Australians that haven’t played together for ten months, too.

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