Thursday, November 19, 2009

Even though the football season is a few months away yet, I thought I would outline the arguments for and against football starting in February as opposed to May. This is not an original idea, as it was done in The Dominion Post, last February.And, I certainly can't do it the justice it deserves like their writers can and did, as i'm not in their class. All the same, here is my take on it. First the argument for football starting in May. The counter-argument will be here, within a few days. So, here goes:

I say I say, isn’t February good weather for cricket, old chap
Silly time of the year to be playing that rugby crap
Much better to give a cricket ball a hard rap
Listening to Smithy and the boys, entertaining as they are, certainly wouldn’t want to take a nap

I say I say, that garden looks a little untidy, much more time to repair the damage, what with football been on in the winter
Watch a movie, maybe an old one with Angelina in it, as she’s been too broody to make one lately, I’m sure though it’ll be a mint
Read a book, Dickens, Crane, Twain, a Bronte or two, perhaps the rugby rule book, or maybe not. . . that would make you want to live in a different universe, let me give you the hint

I say I say, football in May, what a grand time of the year to start play
Nice and cool, the weather is in May, that’ll be the way
Got to think of the players’ welfare, come what may
Softer grounds, less injuries in May, just as well, as ACC will no longer pay

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